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Sand & Snow is a marketing agency offering digital solutions. We focus on small businesses and good people, thrive on fresh ideas, and love unique perspectives and ambitious goals. Our services include website building, branded copyediting and copywriting


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Marketing on social media began as a way for me to organically grow my following on my personal writing and business blog. I gained over 10,000 followers on Twitter in two years, launched one international and one nationwide clothing line and built all of the web content and strategy for both. Each business's success was entirely driven by social media advertising. I have a corporate agency background, but love working one-on-one with clients. I am also a novelist and enjoy helping other people find their words.

I have been helping small and not-so-small businesses put on their makeup for over a decade now, and am so honored that you ended up at Sand & Snow. My goal is to work with you to create an online presence that you can be proud of, help you become found by the people you want to reach, and guide you in understanding the process. 

Although I used to offer social media and logo solutions, as of 2020 I have migrated my focus to website building and copywriting only, as it's what I enjoy the most! My 2020 mantra was "do what you love".

- Elysia, Branding Director




We believe you should be able to control your website, not wait weeks for your website builder to update it. Sand & Snow Media can build you a website with your full approval through the building process, and then hand over the keys so you can manage and edit the website yourself. Your website will be uniquely designed, branded to your business, and easy to edit going forward. We will also handle all of the startup SEO and what comes along with it, like meta data, keyword optimization, and all the other things you don't want to worry about.

We build our websites on a "drag and drop" hosting platform so that, once your website is together, it's straightforward for you to update images or make modifications yourself. No more being locked into multi-year commitments with designers or getting stuck on your web builder's platform.

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How do we compare for cost and why do we recommend this type of web building? When comparing website quotes, there are big differences in product to consider.

If you have someone build you a custom website from the ground up, you could pay up to $50,000 for a custom built site (or more depending on functionalities). And once this site is built, you'll need the designer to make any changes for you or edits as it won't be customizable for you. Who should consider a custom built site? Large, enterprise-level sites. If you need a lot of functionalities custom built or have millions of visitors per month, you'll want to hire a custom web builder.


What you pay me to do to is to use my preferred drag & drop hosting site, but to build it with a custom look. You'll pay a fraction of what you would pay a custom site builder. 


You may be thinking--why not "drag and drop" my own website using a similar builder? Though certainly an option, here's why it's worth it to hire it out. Unless you have an understanding of SEO optimization, a good eye for design, and a strong knowledge of customer web behavior, it can be difficult to execute. Chances are you'll end up frustrated over why it doesn't look how you hoped, irritated with figuring out how to use the platform, overwhelmed with what images and colors look good, and lost on building a site map (navigation function) that actually guides people to where you want them to go. If you're still unsure, let's talk!





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We know that each brand is different, and that each brand's copy should be treated as such. Our writing services range from web copy (fill-in content, brand messaging, mission statements, company bios) to editing. Let us know your needs and we'll show you how we can help.

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